Sunday, May 4, 2008

The effect I used in many of my pics

You like the effect on the second image? This works great when you have lots of green leaves and flowers around in your photo. I've tried this same stuff on portraits also and they also looks great. If you have 5 mins and Picasa installed in your pc, then i can help you get that.
Here goes how i did it.
1. Open the image in Picasa - Editor mode
2. Go to tuning and increase the highlights and shadows. While increasing highlights, make sure that you dont increase it so much that you loose necessary details of any bright regions of the scene. And while increasing shadows, dont make the scene too dark. Make sure the subject of the shot is still well exposed. (You may find the flower a bit over exposed in this pic. But am still okey with it :) )
3. Go to Effects and add a glow to the image. The default settings would do. If you are finding that it was blurred too much, then reduce the intensity a bit.
4. Go back to tuning. Increase the shadow a lil more. Also the highlights. (Am not sure whether you'll need this step)
5. Go to effects and use image sharpen once.
6. Click saturation and reduce it till you find the resultant image appealing!

If you happen to turn some of ur mediocre shots in to great ones using this, then i too wanna know how they look like now :)

Happy shooting!
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